LibrePlanet 2014

On the plane back from LibrePlanet 2014, I have tried to put
together a debrief, but as I am running on about three hours of
sleep, I am not sure how coherent these thoughts will end up

I always leave LibrePlanet feeling very inspired and ready to go
forth and hack on even more. In retrospect, it is strange, and
kind of sad maybe, that what I do for a day job is not this
inspiring. I thoroughly enjoy what I do though, so maybe this
phenomenon occurs only because LibrePlanet is especially

Once again, LibrePlanet afforded me the opportunity to interact
with people in the flesh that I usually only interact with via
email or IRC.
And of course, I also met lots of new people who are working on
even cooler projects.

I am eagerly awaiting all of the talks having their recordings
posted so that I can watch all of the talks that I had to pass up
in order to attend other talks (or give my own.).

I am very grateful to the staff, volunteers, and attendees that
made LibrePlanet a success and am looking forward to next year.