about me

Who am I?

Hailing from the midwest, I spent a decade working as a software engineer building things from custom automotive hardware and firmware to full-stack software and educational efforts such as the Stripe Partner Program.

Now, I am pursuing two graduate degrees simultaneously and narrowing my focus to problems at the intersection of technology, law, and education.

I have a semi-regular newsletter at https://law.zachwick.com where I started writing about an autodidactic legal education, but now tend to write more about self-learning and educational pedagogy more generally.

What am I interested in?

I enjoying thinking about developer enablement and education through the lens of instructional design. I think that developer enablement can and should be more than just an API reference thrown together haphazardly after the coding and building is done. I think that when fully executed developer enablement can be a series of educational experiences that empower and enable users to get the most value out of a piece of software and guide them to a deeper understanding of how to use a particular software solution to its limit.

Aquaponics, and more generally indoor food crop production, fascinates me. I think that the increased need for foodstuffs and the adverse effects of human-induced climate change have created an environment where indoor food crop production is quickly becoming a booming field of exploration and rife for advancement (pun intended!).

I also enjoy thinking about programming languages as notational forms of spoken human languages. I find it fascinating to look at programming languages such as APL, Python, Ruby, Catala, and others from a language pedagogy point-of-view and use tools from linguistic studies to analyze programming languages.

What do I want to learn?

I want to learn more about automating indoor food crop production and aquaponic growing operations.

I want to learn more about localized and global financial systems and how they've historically excluded large swaths of people.

I want to learn about how humans have historically used technology to increase knowledge dissemination and what can be re-applied to contemporary society for the betterment of all.