An Update on ‘A Day Using Only FOSS’

I am writing this post a little under a month after writing “A Day Using Only FOSS”.

This month has seen some substantial changes in how I use the technology around me. For starters, I sold my Apple MacBookPro that I was using as my daily driver for development at my day job. I am now using the same Trisquel box for both day job development and side project development. This has resulted in me (seemingly) being more productive in both kinds of projects. I attribute this productivity increase to not having to think about where a particular config file is, and not having to recall how to do things in different applications. I still beholden to running Windows in a VM in order to do cross-browser testing, but I see no entirely FOSS way around that.

I have also stopped using my Apple iPhone4 and started using a Samsung Galaxy S3 with the AOKP Rom. Using this phone and the F-Droid store (along with the Google Play Store) to ensure that I am only installing and using Free as in Freedom apps is quite nice. There is still non-free software running on this phone however. Namely the radio firmware stack and other bits of firmware. I looked into the Replicant Project, but the S3 is not an officially supported device and I haven’t had the time to muck about with it.

I still am using the non-free software in my car and in my other household appliances, but those are harder to just switch out than an operating system. All in all, I think that I have made significant strides in moving my technology away from non-free software. The next step is definitely getting an entirely free cellphone up and running as I use that device many times each day. Look for that post in the future.