Emoji Support in Jabber.el

I use Emacs for almost everything on my computers from text editing, email, IRC, Jabber/XMPP, to web browsing. With regard to IRC and Jabber/XMPP, I tend to converse with quite a few people who like to use Emoji. If you can’t get these people to use their command of the written word to get their point across, here is a little hack to get jabber.el, an Emacs Jabber/XMPP client to display Emoji correctly.

Configuration ————- Assuming that you have jabber.el installed and configured to connect to your Jabber/XMPP server(s) of choice, it is pretty straight forward. First, install the Symbola TTF font on your machine. On my Parabola GNU/Linux box, I do that with pacman -S symbola-ttf. Then inside of Emacs, do M-x customize-group and enter jabber-chat as the group name. Next, locate the “Jabber Chat Text Foreign” section. This section deals with the font-face to use for text that other’s send you. In that section, simply change to “Font Family” option to Symbola. Then make sure to apply and/or save your new configuration.

Using the Configuration ———————– Your Emacs should now display all incoming chat text using the Symbola font face and render Emoji correctly without any additional tweaking. This is a quick and dirty hack to get Emoji support, but if you can bear having two different fonts in the same chat buffer, then this may be just what you are looking for.

Acknowledgements —————- Kudos to T. Hunter and his post[0] for his initial insight into using Symbola for Emoji support.

[0] http://thomashunter.name/blog/enable-emoji-fonts-on-debian-ubuntu-mint-linux/