Sears Allstate Project (1/N)

I picked up a new project this week – a 1966 Sears Allstate 250 that has been parked covered in a garage since 1970!

1966 Sears Allstate 250
1966 Sears Allstate 250 “Twingle”

This bike has 1500 miles on it, and the tires still have most of the little “new tire” fringes on them. It also came with the original tool roll, air pump, and battery (useless, but interesting nonetheless), and I’m now the very proud second owner.

Allstate 250 speedometer
Allstate 250 speedometer

I’ve restored two other Sears Allstate bikes before, another 1966 250cc and a 1964 175cc one. I’m in love with how unique these machines are, and their styling that is so simultaneously classic and still feels modern. Plus, who doesn’t love ripping around town in a very unique sounding 250cc two-stroke?

1966 Sears Allstate with solo seat
Previously restored 1966 Sears Allstate 250 with the solo seat

I’m planning on documenting restoring this new project in an effort to write more as well as share some of the more interesting bits about these strange bikes.


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