Switched to Colemak

As the title reads, I have switched to the Colemak keyboard layout
on all of my devices. I switched mainly due to wanting to help
alleviate some of the strain that I feel in my hands after a long
day coding. I chose Colemak over Dvorak mainly due the similarity
that Colemak and Qwerty have – I assumed that this would help the
transition go more smoothly.

I decided to switch cold-turkey as I thought that doing a part
time switch would be less than ideal since I spend most of my day
in front of a computer. Today is day two and I can already see
improvment from yesterday. According to ‘gtypist’ my typing has
gone from 180 WPM with 98% accuracy using Qwerty to 25 WPM with
85% accuracy using Colemak. Clearly there is a ton of room for

Other Notes
I have also noticed that due to my slowed speed, I am being much
more thoughtful of what I say. Maybe this trend of thinking before
speaking will remain once my speed gets back to a reasonable rate.

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