Developer Support Engineer & Ecosystem (2016-04 - Present)

Provide implementation advice to new and existing users on how to build their products on top of Stripe. Work with partners to certify EMV solutions. Debug and bugfix inside the Stripe API as partners report errors. Scoped, built, and executed the Stripe Partner Program.


Co-Founder & CTO (2014-10 - 2017-12)

Developed an inventory tracking and prediction/analysis platform. Produced an iOS app, web app, and REST API.

Saint Francis of Assisi School of Ann Arbor

Programming Instructor (2015-01 - 2016-05)

Developed a computer programming curriculum for middle school students (12-15 years old) and teach a programming class which follows that curriculum.


Firmware Engineer Contractor (2014-03 - 2014-10)

Developed firmware and hardware for a variety of environmental monitoring and control projects. Some examples include landfill gas monitoring, livestock barn control, and HVAC controls. Also responsible for developing web-based control systems.


Embedded Systems Contractor (2013-10 - 2014-03)

Developed embedded firmware for a variety of PIC32 based automotive data loggers. Created C libraries for various automotive protocols, and cleaned up the legacy codebase. Developed web-based data visualization tools for the collected data.

Barracuda Networks

Software Engineer (2012-05 - 2013-10)

Created a web-app and web API for a file syncing and sharing application.


Founder (2012-07 - 2015-10)

Created mesh-networked agronomic monitoring devices and a related web-app and analytics suite.

LectureTools LLC

Software Engineer & Front-End Evangelist (2011-01 - 2012-05) (Acquired by Echo360 2012-11)

Web developer for a web-based lecturing platform with real-time analytics

Su Cara LLC

Co-Founder & CTO *(2010-12 - 2011-12)

Created a social platform for gamification of manners and etiquete.

Mobile Sign Language Systems

App Developer (2010-08 - 2011-02)

Developed a mobile application for parsing American Sign Language into text using the built-in camera on an iPhone.

Saagara LLC

iOS Developer (2010-08 - 2011-01)

iOS development of digital health and wellness apps.


University of Toledo

BS in Mathematics (Concentration in Pure Mathematics) (2008 - 2010)

Bowling Green State University

Post-Secondary Enrollment Student (2006 - 2008)