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· 2 min read
zach wick

Two weeks ago I attended PyOhio 2013 – It was freaking awesome! I had high hopes for PyOhio as the last conference that I attended was LibrePlanet (which was also fantastic), and PyOhio did not fail to deliver.

In addition to listening to some really cool talks, I got to give a (hopefully cool) talk on what I work on all day – The talks that were presented were on a wide array of Python-centric topics and ranged from “novice” to “expert” in subject matter. The people at PyOhio were just as interesting as the talks. I met one person from LightSide, who is doing text analysis on student’s papers. I met another person who is a developer on Firefox for Android and picked his brain on porting GNU Icecat to Android. There was another persom that I met who works for Canonical on one of their webapps – It was great to trade “war stories” and talk shop.

My talk on a Python FUSE layer for went rather well, and for interested people, there is a video posted at PyVideo and YouTube.

I will definitely be going to PyOhio 2014, and will even try to come up with an exciting Python project to talk about.